A student’s future success and professionalism in the work place is reflected in his/her attendance in a program. Therefore, frequent absenteeism and tardiness during regular class hours are factors taken into consideration when determining a student’s readiness/suitability for the work placement module.
Students must successfully pass all modules in their program prior to participating in the last work placement module. Students will be given the opportunity to complete all modules.
Students are expected to demonstrate an attitude that shows a maturity level both in and out of the classroom. Behaviours that are unprofessional will not be tolerated and may postpone a work placement until the student is able to demonstrate professional behavior consistent with, and appropriate to, the profession and the workplace.
Students must demonstrate appropriate and professional interpersonal relationships with instructors and fellow students. Inappropriate behavior may jeopardize a student’s ability to participate in the work placement module. The student must also recognize and demonstrate appropriate behavior within his/her respective work place.