[Print version] The majority of our students work hard to present their own ideas. Those who choose to be academically dishonest cheat not only themselves and their teachers, but also other students who show integrity in their efforts. The integrity of the Western Quebec School Board and its schools and centers depends on the honesty of all those involved in the learning process. Academic dishonesty in any form is a serious offence in any institution of learning and will result in serious penalties.

Plagiarism is the use and representation of other people’s words and ideas, in whole or in part, as one’s own work. This definition applies to words or ideas taken without proper acknowledgement from any published source, such as a collection of literary essays; from any site on the internet; from essays or other work written by other people; from any class notes taken by a student or a teacher other than the student’s own.
Cheating, like plagiarism, is an unacceptable act. Cheating is an act that is intended to deceive, defraud, trick, or violate rules dishonestly. The Western Quebec School Board recognizes that cheating may occur in many forms, including the following: 1. Copying word for word, in whole or in part, from any outside source without proper acknowledgement. 2. Paraphrasing ideas from any outside source without proper acknowledgement. 3. Submitting, in whole or in part, a paper written by another person. 4. Submitting, in whole or in part, an assignment written for another course. 5. Allowing, in whole or in part, one’s essay, assignment or test answers to be copied by another person. No student shall submit the words, ideas, images or data of another person as his own in any academic writing, essay, thesis, project, assignment, presentation or poster in a course or program of study.
The Western Quebec School Board will assume that any use of outside sources without proper acknowledgement is with the intent to deceive. The schools will also assume that individuals who allow their work to be plagiarized do so with the intent to deceive. All students found to have plagiarized will be subject to disciplinary measures: Any essay or assignment, that shows any evidence of plagiarism in any of its recognized forms, will receive a ‘0’ grade, with the option of being redone at the discretion of the principal. At the discretion of the school, the student or students involved in the plagiarism may be subjected to further disciplinary procedures. Each school or Centre will develop, in conjunction with the Governing Board, disciplinary procedures not the mechanisms for dealing with cases.
No student shall, in the course of an examination or other similar activity, obtain or attempt to obtain information from another student or other unauthorized source; give or attempt to give information to another student; or use, attempt to use, or possess for the purposes of use any unauthorized material. No student shall represent or attempt to represent himself as another or have or attempt to have himself or herself represented by another in the taking of an examination, preparation of a paper or other similar activity.
The Western Quebec School Board will adhere to the Ministry of Education policy for cheating on uniform exams: “Whenever the invigilator believes that cheating has occurred, he must immediately confiscate the student’s question booklet, answer sheet and any incriminating material(s), and expel the student from the examination room. The invigilator must then make a written report outlining the reason(s) for the student’s expulsion, sign the report, and remit it to the principal together with all the materials confiscated.” The principal will then render a decision regarding any disciplinary measure, if necessary, regarding the mark or grade the offending student will receive.