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Attendance Policy Demanding careers require professionals to be on location consistently and on time before the start of work each day. At the Western Quebec Career Centre, it is highly recommended that you arrive fully prepared and in advance of the start of class. Our teachers must keep an accurate attendance record of all students for the class, lab, workshop and work placement portions of their courses. All absences will be unjustified unless prior arrangements are agreed upon by the student and teacher in advance of a class or a doctor’s note is provided upon return. “Telling the teacher” you are going to be absent does not constitute an excuse for being absent. The teacher must be given advance notice and will inform you if your reason for absence is justified or unjustified. Requests for justified absences for time already missed will not be granted with the exception of circumstances such as a documented illness, or emergency. The teacher reserves the right to refuse claims of illness unless sufficient proof such as a letter from the student’s doctor is provided.
WQCC will post the attendance policy and procedures, which will be accessible to all students at the beginning of the school year or at the time of registration Attendance will be taken and recorded by teachers on a period-by-period basis each day. In the case of long-term illness, the student’s absences must be supported by a doctor’s note.
Three (3) periods of unjustified absences in a module: the student will be notified by the teacher that there is a concern. The teacher will address the issue with the student and agree on strategies for improvement. More than 3 periods of unjustified absences in a module: the student will be referred by their teacher to meet with administration and will be placed on an attendance contract, signed by the student, teacher and administration.  If another unjustified absence occurs in a class, the student will be withdrawn from the course. Where exceptional circumstances warrant, such as a documented chronic illness, the school administration may grant an extension to students who have accumulated more than the number of unjustified absences allowed under this policy. Where a student misses a test or examination due to an unjustified absence, they must make an application in writing principal, to take the missed exam. The student will not be allowed to attend class until they make an appointment with the principal to review the application. Where a final examination is missed due to illness, a doctor’s note is required.
A “late” is defined as arriving after the scheduled beginning of the period.  An unjustified late will be recorded as an absence for that period. Additionally, early unjustified departures will be considered as an unjustified absence. Students are expected to be punctual for all of their classes.  A student who arrives to class late not only loses valuable instruction time, but also disrupts the learning of others.  Students who arrive late for an unjustified reason will not be admitted to the class for that period.
All of the above also applies to students while on work placement. Additionally, unjustified absences or lates while on work placement may result in a failing mark for the work placement.