It is crucial that students inform the office if there is any change of address/phone number.
It is essential that the office has your emergency information on file. All requested information should be entered on our emergency form and updated as required. In case of an accident or emergency, all necessary information can then be provided to the appropriate authorities.
The Ministry of Education mails transcripts and diplomas directly to students. Please ensure your address is up to date at the office.
Any emergency phone call coming through the office will be forwarded to the student immediately.
Students who decide to withdraw from their program for any reason must inform the Administration.
If a letter is needed to prove attendance, marks, etc., please submit a request to the office at least three days before the letter is required.
All cell phones must be on vibrating mode before entering the classroom. Answering cell phone calls must be made outside the classroom. The use of a cell phone within the Centre is a privilege, so please be respectful.
All students are required to pay a $15 material fee at the beginning of the school year, which covers the cost of photocopying materials used in individual modules, the student I.D. card, and the cost of the student agenda. No books/materials will be given to any student who has not paid this fee in full. All fees are to be paid at the office by money order, cash, interact, certified cheque, MasterCard or Visa. A receipt will be issued upon payment.