There are lockers available; two students must share a locker at a cost of $5 each.
Due to limited parking, all students are required to have a parking pass. Parking passes are handed out on a “distance basis.” Students who live the furthest away get preference.
Please watch your speed when entering or exiting the lot. The cost of the parking pass is $5. Our parking facilities are as follows:

  • South Parking Lot: 23 staff, 50 student, 2 visitor, 2 handicap.
  • North Parking Lot: Lord Aylmer Elementary School Parking, WQCC student.
There is a fax machine and photocopier in the Office. If a student wishes to use these machines, there may be a $0.50 charge per page for personal faxes and a $0.25 per page for photocopying.
There is a payphone located in the common area. Please keep your calls to a minimum, as this is the only phone available to students.