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Current Courses

Adult Learners Awards

Kristina Hull

Kristina Hull, 38 from Aylmer is a student in the Health Assistance and Nursing Program. Kristina says she always wanted to get into the Health Care field but it was not until she got laid off that she made the decision to go for it. “The reason I enjoy this field is that I am doing something meaningful every day and it is challenging”, says Hull who will be graduating this May from the program. Kristina has enjoyed the program and feels the expertise of her teachers and the new skills she has acquired have given her a renewed sense of self-belief and confidence. Students have spent the majority of the last year on work placement in local hospitals, and Kristina reflects that Pediatrics was probably her favourite area so far. “Decide what you want to do, don’t give up, persevere and give it your heart”, is Kristina’s advice to people thinking about a new career path, adding “a sense of humour is very important too”!

Kristina Hull – Health Care Program
Liane Marcoux

Liane Marcoux, 18 from Aylmer decided to follow in the footsteps of some of her family and pursue a career in office administration. “While a student at Grande Rivière I did a stage in the local secretarial school and I liked it”. So after receiving her High School Diploma, Liane decided to sign up at the Western Québec Career Centre. Liane’s goal is to find a stable job with opportunity, hopefully in the government. Marcoux identifies perseverance and a never give up attitude as being key to success in the program and life. “When choosing a career, list all the possibilities you would like and then find out about them”. Liane recognises the great teachers she has who have helped improve her keyboarding and software skills and loves the variety in the program.

Liane Marcoux – Secretarial Program
Michael Belanger

“Find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life”, recommends Michael Belanger, 65 who tried retirement but was not ready for it! After running his own grocery business for 30 years, Michael was hungry to try out something different but knew that despite having skills and experience, he would need qualifications. So he decided to enrol in the Accounting program at the Western Quebec Career Centre and has enjoyed working with his fellow students and teachers. Michael is hoping to personify the WQCC mission statement, Transforming Knowledge into Careers, and commends his teachers by the way they expertly “prepare” students for the career ahead of them. Belanger who is married for 41 years takes nothing for granted and advises, “make sure you enjoy what you are doing, and have fun”. A top student in his class, Michael works hard at achieving excellence in every module, and is often seen sitting with others helping and encouraging them. Michael likes to walk the talk when it comes to good values and professionalism, and is often heard to say, “courtesy is contagious, let’s start an epidemic!”

Michael Belanger – Accounting Program

Tony Harris-Kluke, 24 from Aylmer acknowledges the support of his wife and their three kids for helping him go back to school and excel in the welding program. Tony who has grown up in a family very involved in all aspects of the construction industry has brought these experiences and skills to a new trade and never looked back. Tony’s teachers are happy to recommend him as one of their stronger students and are confident that whatever employer hires Tony will have found a talented and professional welder. “I enjoyed learning the blueprints module because it gives you the skills to start a project and plan it out fully”. Tony identifies his inner competitive spirit to do well as the main driving force behind his ambition. “I want to have a good career and settle down with a steady income”. Tony appreciates the expertise of his teachers and the new welding facilities which make the WQCC a great learning environment.

Tony Harris-Kluke – Welding and Fitting Program